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About us

NESEHNUTÍ – Independent Social Ecological Movement

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As a social and ecological non-governmental organisation, we work principally on the basis that ecological and social problems have shared causes and consequences which must be resolved. All our activities aim to show that social change based on respect for people, animals and nature is possible, and, most importantly, must be led from below. Therefore, we support people who are interested and engaged in what’s happening around them and who consider responsibility for life on our planet as an integral part of their own freedom. We work independently of party and economic interests, using strictly non-violent means.


Our Programmes and Campaigns


The Initiative Way

We support active people abroad, primarily, though not exclusively, in the southern Caucuses, Transnistria and Belarus. We help local activists create a civic society and protect human rights, animal rights and the environment. We organise educational seminars, help find financial aid, provide long-term support for projects and campaigns and arrange educational trips to the Czech Republic. For more information about The Initiative Way, visit,


Together Towards Diversity

Together Towards Diversity opens up debate about migration and refugees in the Czech Republic, the issues surrounding it, the associated prejudices and the lack of respect frequently shown by the majority of society. Through educational and informative activities, we hope to work together to look for answers to topical questions and to learn what a multicultural life, outside the world of media bubbles and prejudice, looks like in specific locations. We are currently leading a campaign for public health insurance for foreigners. Our goal is for legislative change so that migrant groups with long-term Czech residency are included in public health insurance. For more information about Together Towards Diversity, visit:


Women’s Rights are Human Rights

The programme aims to create a space in which attitudes related to stereotypical notions about the role of women and men in society can change, and problems resulting from these ideas (gender discrimination in the workplace, violence against women, the beauty myth etc.) can be resolved. Our goal is for women and men in our society to be able to develop according to their abilities, rather than according to what is expected of a man or woman. In order to achieve this, we organise lectures and workshops for schools and the general public and we have touring exhibitions. We are also running the campaign ‘Against Sexism in the Streets.’ As part of this campaign we hold the Sexist Piggy contest. To find out more about this programme, visit:


Civic Eye

Our goal is to encourage public participation in the planning and decision-making surrounding projects which may impact the natural environment. We support initiatives and active individuals by connecting and strengthening their local campaigns. We organise educational and motivational workshops and can provide long-term support or focus intensively on selected causes. For more information about the Civic Eye programme:


Focused on Hypermarkets

We encourage the development of a varied and accessible network of shops in lively streets in Czech cities and support limiting the expansion of retail chains which causes the disappearance of green space, trees and agricultural land, an increase in unnecessary traffic and puts local providers out of business.


Our other projects:

Arms or Human Rights?
We monitoring and publicise exports of Czech arms licensed – or even directly implemented – by the state to regions where armed conflicts and (or) mass violation of human rights are taking place.


Support Animal Rights
The enterprising group Support Animal Rights resumed its work in summer 2013. It focuses primarily on factory farming of animals: coming up with ideas to reduce the suffering of animals in factory farms and improve their living conditions, resolving individual cases, seeking greater media coverage of the issue, creating an interactive map of factory farms. In addition to this, the group organises Vegan Parent Meetings, creating a space for exchanging advice and experiences.


Our other work:

We run a library, train civic initiatives, operate as a watchdog for political parties and authorities, comment on important documents, propose changes to the law, participate in administrative proceedings, organise conferences, lectures and workshops, distribute newsletters, publications and leaflets and work together with other non-governmental organisations.

We are part of several coalitions and associations.


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