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Czech Language Tutoring for Kids

Nesehnutí in cooperation with the Pedagogical faculty of Masaryk University is providing a tutoring program for non-native speaking children, focusing on improving their Czech and other school subjects.

How does it work?

  • Recruitment to the Tutor program is open (for both families and tutors) in September and February every year
  • We mainly find tutors for kids in elementary school (grades 1-9), but we might also be willing to help with younger and older kids
  • To enroll in the program parents and tutors must accept the key principles and rules which you can find here
  • Tandems are created based on the needs and preferences of the kids and tutors
  • Once tandems have been created, you can then agree with your tandem partner when (regular day and time) and how (online or offline) you would like to meet, or if you would prefer we can also help mediate this
  • Both parents and tutors can use the help from Tutor Coordinator Hana Syslová ( to deal with non-compliance of the program’s principles and rules and any other difficulties during the tutoring.
  • Tutoring is free of charge

I am searching for tutoring for my kid

Who are the tutors and what do they do?

  • Tutors could be anyone who is good with kids and is willing to help them with learning Czech or other subjects for school
  • Most of our tutors are students of Pedagogical Faculty or volunteers without pedagogical education but with diverse skills in tutoring kids
  • Some of the tutors are specialized in additional subjects (Math, Science, History, etc.) so they could help kids with other school subjects as well
  • All tutors receive our support at the beginning of tutoring. This consists of a methodological introduction to tutoring Czech to non-native speakers and access to learning and teaching materials, methodological and organizational support from the coordinator of the Tutor program

Activities for families with kids in Brno

Living in Brno can be a little bit confusing especially when you are new to the city. We have prepared a few useful tips with some links that may help you and your kids to navigate life here easier.

Activities are implemented due to the support of grants from The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports, Southmoravian Region and Municipality of Brno.