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Aim of the project:

Your contribution to the Sun for Ukraine will support the installation of solar panels on the roof of the Zaporizhzhia Children’s Hospital, which cares for approximately 100,000 patients each year and where doctors annually perform over 2,000 surgical procedures. Among other things, the facility provides emergency medical care for newborns and is the only acute and chronic hemodialysis center in the southeast of Ukraine.

„In a world where war is now in its third year of disrupting our daily lives, a reliable supply of electricity for hospitals is more important than ever. It is even more true for children’s hospitals, where the health and safety of the little ones is a priority. With your help, we will gain energy independence and a sustainable source of electricity while facing military aggression. Supporting this project is a step towards a future where every child will have the opportunity to heal safely and comfortably,“ says Iryna Kulesh, Director of Zaporizhzhia Hospital.

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Thanks to Sun for Ukraine, the children’s hospital:

Gains a stable source of electricity for the continuous operation of critical medical equipment such as neonatal incubators, ventilators, and hemodialysis machines.

Reduces its dependence on fossil fuels and reduces its energy costs.

Saves money that can be used to maintain and improve care for pediatric patients and other developments.

About the project:

Ukrainian hospitals have been threatened by power cuts since the start of the Russian invasion. Bombing and drone attacks on Ukrainian infrastructure are to blame. In hospitals, lights in operating rooms are going out, and medical devices in intensive care units are going out of service. The solution to the difficult situation of medical facilities is solar panels – reliable sources of energy placed directly on the hospital roofs.

Power outages caused by Russian aggression pose the greatest danger to the most vulnerable groups of people. The wounded, the sick, the elderly, and the newly born. All of them depend on the reliable functioning of hospitals and the care of doctors. However, hospital staff need stable energy sources to do their dedicated work and save lives. But they cannot rely on electricity from the grid because of the Russian attacks and the fact that backup generators depend on scarce diesel.

The solution that could provide Ukrainian hospitals with light and electricity is energy from solar panels and other renewable sources. With minimal operating costs and independence from fossil fuels, the use of solar energy is currently the best solution to help Ukrainian doctors save lives, even in the event of further attacks and power outages.

Solar power plants provide immediate support for the indispensable work of medical workers, but also represent long-term assistance in the rebuilding of war-torn Ukraine. They will supply operating rooms with renewable energy for at least twenty years. Their use also helps address the climate crisis and, unlike fossil fuels, reduces dependence on countries with authoritarian or totalitarian regimes.

Alžběta Kofránková

Sun for Ukraine campaign coordinator

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Let’s put light and electricity back where it is needed most. Thank you.

NESEHNUTÍ organizes the Sun for Ukraine fundraiser in cooperation with the Ukrainian Ecoclub. The organization is raising funds for the purchase and installation of solar panels for Ukrainian hospitals. Thanks to the project, the light has first returned to the facility in the town of Zviahel. But gradually, solar energy is lighting up other Ukrainian hospitals. 

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Where the Sun for Ukraine
already shines:

Clean solar energy, which will not be disrupted by power cuts, has been available to the municipal hospital in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, since July 2023. Thanks to Sun for Ukraine, a solar power plant donated by the Czech company SOLSOL generates electricity on the hospital roof.

Zhytomyr was the first Ukrainian city to decide, before the Russian invasion began, to completely divest itself of fossil energy sources by 2050.

„SOLSOL has been supporting Ukraine and its people in various forms since the beginning of the invasion – we have been involved in both financial and material collections. The next logical step is to support endangered infrastructure and communities that have decided to make the transition toward sustainability. We were immediately attracted to the idea of Sunshine for Ukraine because it was a perfect match between our capabilities and local needs. We coordinated the installation itself over a distance of 1,000 kilometers online. It was a non-standard procedure, but it worked. The power plant is now operational, and we can monitor its operation in real-time directly in Brno,“ comments Michal Hrabí, SOLSOL’s Chief Operating Officer, on the decision to make a large material donation. The solar power plant has a capacity of 48 kW and will cover up to 26% of the hospital’s annual consumption.

„The solar power plant in Zhytomyr, Ukraine, represents a key support for the most vulnerable, for the wounded and sick who depend on the care of doctors and physicians. In addition, photovoltaic power is a reliable source during supply disruptions, which can reappear at any time as a result of Russian aggression. However, it is also an example of modern and sustainable solutions that illustrate what post-war reconstruction in Ukraine should look like. Moreover, renewable resources reduce dependence on undemocratic regimes like the Russian one,“ says Martin Hyt’ha of NESEHNUTÍ.

Thanks to your help, light has returned to the hospital in the city of Sumy, where over a quarter of a million people live. Doctors in Sumy performed over 7,000 operations in 2022, including 4,000 emergency operations. The solar panels there produce enough energy to keep all three operating theatres running.

The installation started in May 2023. The funds for its installation (27,500 EUR) were raised by NESEHNUTÍ together with other organizations from Poland, the USA, and Germany. Thus, the sick and wounded will continue to receive medical care regardless of possible attacks by the Russian army.

Sumy is located near the border with Russia, so the likelihood of airstrikes remains high. Frequent attacks on energy infrastructure in the fall of 2022 have caused the unstable operation of medical facilities. Although hospitals purchased generators, their capacity was not sufficient to provide electricity for all medical buildings.

„It is extremely important for us to ensure uninterrupted medical treatment in the event of a prolonged power outage. The installed solar power plant will help to ensure the functioning of the operating and intensive care units,“ says Valentina Dominas, director of the Central City Hospital in Sumy.

„A minute without electricity can be life-threatening. The installation of the solar power plant will solve the issue of uninterrupted operation of the medical equipment of the inpatient ward. The most important thing is the life and health of the patients,“ says Marina Dranchenko from the Sumy City Council.

The operation of the solar power plant will allow the medical facility to save money on energy bills every year. According to preliminary calculations, the planned energy savings will amount to 457.5 thousand hryvnias per year. Sumy City Hall officials say that the saved funds will be used to implement energy-saving measures in other medical facilities.The hospital consumes 293.0 thousand kWh of electricity annually. Approximately 318 tonnes of carbon dioxide are generated in its production. The installation of the solar power plant will reduce emissions by 75 tons,“ Maryna Dranichenko said.