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Are you interested in the work of civic initiatives in Ukraine and the Caucasus? Would you like to help Ukraine suffering from the military invasion of the Russian Federation? Would you like to meet interesting people, learn how to organize events, train you language skills or communication skills? Do you enjoy research and analysis? Or would you like to participate on the activities focused on protecting the nature, environment and the climate?

If you said “yes” at least once during the sentences you just read and if you have couple of hours per week, internship and volunteering opportunities of the NESEHNUTI’s programme The Initiative Way could be interesting for you. For many of them, you don’t need to speak or understand Czech!

If you have questions or if you’re interested in one of these, please contact

Administration of The Initiative Way website

Do you want to help us develop and update The Initiative Way website, so we could inform better about our work? Have you worked with WordPress and related on-line tools? Do you have a passion for creating attractive websites?

Why is it important:

  • The Initiative Way programme needs to inform better about supported initiatives and their work on the website

What needs to be done: 

  • Partial improvements of The Initiative Website


  • Knowledge of WordPress (advanced knowledge of WordPress and coding websites is an advantage)
  • Time: approximately 2 hours per week
  • Place: any
  • Knowledge of Czech, English or Russian
  • Knowledge of the other of the three languages is an advantage

Research for preparation of advocacy activities for sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine

Do you want to help us develop new activities focused on participative, climate neutral, efficient and environmentally sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine? Do you like learning about new topics, research and analytical work?

Why is it important:

  • Even if military aggression against Ukraine is still ongoing, the reconstruction process is already in action, together with large international funds being provided to Ukraine. Ukrainian civil society and environmental organizations want these funds to be used in a sustainable way and with public participation. There’s no guarantee it will happen – and The Initiative Way programme would like to support Ukrainian activists to advocate for that.

What needs to be done: 

  • Initial research of the situation based on a bundle of documents, reports and perhaps several interviews, so we could design the activities


  • Passion for research and analytical work
  • Knowledge of English, ideally also Czech
  • Time: approximately 40 hours in total
  • Place: any

Support with preparation of project proposals

Do you want to learn how to design a project, write a proposal and how to organize the preparation process in a team? Are you interested in learning project logics? Do you want to help with raising funds for support of civic initiatives in Ukraine and South Caucasus? 

Why is it important:

  • The Initiative Way programme is looking for interns or volunteers who would like to be part of a team working on preparation of project proposals. These help funding for supportive programmes focused on development and aid for civic society in Ukraine and South Caucasus. Without sufficient funding, it wouldn’t be possible to provide various kinds of support for the activists in these countries.

What needs to be done: 

  • Participation in designing projects and writing project proposals. The process is coordinated and supervised by grant coordinators and work divided among team members, also with cooperation with our partners in the target countries.


  • Some level of analytical skills and attention to details
  • Time: approximately 10-30 hours for one project, during a period of 3-12 weeks before the application deadline
  • Place: any
  • Good written English or Czech
  • Knowledge of Russian or Ukrainian language is an advantage

Possible bonus:

  • Participation in the activities you help to create when the project is successful and implemented (usually 4-18 months after the project submission)