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We live in a non-hierarchy, we change it, and we change ourselves along with it from the establishment of NESEHNUTI to today. It has become so self-evident to us that we have forgotten to talk about what it means to us. We fully realize that we work in something unusual only when we try to describe our non-hierarchy to those around us in a simple way. Over twenty years, our non-hierarchical decisionmaking has become an elaborate and unique system.

Progressive changes differentiate NESEHNUTI from other non-hierarchical groups. Unlike in other organizations, changes in NESEHNUTI happen in a dynamic way. These have resulted in distinctive rules, forms of voting and self-deciding work groups. It is precisely because of the uniqueness of our structure that about a year ago we agreed that we would like to share with others how we live in the non-hierarchy. With this publication, we want to familiarize you with our many years of experience and describe the advantages and pitfalls of our form of management. We hope you will find here stimuli and inspiration for your work or activism, or that this publication will awaken your curiosity and will encourage a discussion about whether you really need a boss.

The publication is a joint effort of people from NESEHNUTI. It captures our current relationship to the non-hierarchy in today’s composition of people and the current working atmosphere. In a few years, the perception of our non-hierarchical management can shift completely. Therefore, take this publication as a result of our current thinking.

We wish you a fresh reading.
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